Netgear Router Firmware Update Steps

Netgear Router Firmware Update Steps

Just like many other router manufactures, Netgear also introduce the new Firmwares updates regularly. These Firmware updates are introduced to improve the working experience of the clients those are using the Netgear routers. Here are the steps you need to follow if you want to update the Firmware for the Netgear routers.

Netgear Firmware Updates Step 1: First of all download the Firmware for the routers according to the model number of the router you are using. –

Step 2: Connect your computer system with the modem using the Ethernet cable. –

Step 3: Open the web browser and fill the address in the address and press enter key. –

Step 4: After that fill the required login details in the fields provided that are User Name and the Password. –

Step 5: Select “advance” option. –

Step 6: Go for the “Administrative” option. –

Step 7: Here, you will find the option “Firmware Updates”, click on that option. –

Step 8: Click on the “Choose File” option. –

Step 9: Just open and upload the required file. Make sure not to disturbed the process during the updations. Do not off the computer system and even do not restart the router during the updations.

These are the simple steps you will need to follow for updating the available Firmwares for the Netgear router. All the steps are really very simple but there is some chance when you may need the expert guidance while making these changes. In that case, we will advise you to contact our expert team members so they can help you more professionally.