How to Configure Netgear Routers as Repeater?

How to Configure Netgear Routers as Repeater?

Repeaters are the best devices you can use if you are facing the issues like slow internet speed after a particular range. In the market, there are a number of extenders and repeaters are available but the best thing is that you can also configure your Netgear router as repeaters.

Here are the steps you need to follow if you want to configure your router as repeater

Steps for the For the Main Router

  • Connect the computer device with the Netgear router with the computer system using the Ethernet cable. –
  • Open the web browser and fill the address net or in the address bar and press the enter key.
  • After filling this address in the address bar, just press the enter key and here you will need to fill the login details. If you are configuring the Netgear router for the first time you can use the default login details for the login process.
  • Go for the “Wireless Settings” option and after chat go for the “Setup”.
  • Just enable the WEP security and to do so, you will need to enter the security keys in the fields.
  • At last, click on the “Apply” option to save the settings.

Steps for the For the Second Router

  • First of all make the same settings on the router 2 as you make on the first router.
  • Search for the “Maintenance” tab and go for the “Router Status” option.
  • Here you will need to enable the “Wireless Repeating Function”. To do so, you will just need to write-down the MAC address that is shown on the console.
  • You will find the space to enter the IP address of the first router and deselect the “Disable Wireless Client Association” option.
  • Enter the MAC address of the router 1 in the base station MAC address.
  • To save all these settings, just click on the “Apply” option.

After repeating all the steps given above, disconnect the second router and just connect the first router. After that you will need to access the administrative settings. Just fill the local address in the address bar and press enter key. Go for the “Wireless Repeating Functions” option and check the option “Enable Wireless Repeater” and “Wireless Base Station”.
Also, uncheck the “Disable Wireless Client Association” and fill the MAC address of the second router at the space given.