Configure Netgear DM200 for Internet access in Router mode

Netgear DM200 can be configured to work as modem router as well as it can also work as simple modem. Here in this blog we are going to explain the simple steps you will need to follow if you want to configure the Netgear DM200 in such a way that you can access the internet access in router mode. Steps for configuring the Netgear DM200 for internet access in router mode are really very simple but you can also call us any time you need help regarding the issues like Netgear router login using routerloginnet issues or router configurations questions.

Configure Netgear DM200 for Internet access in Router mode

First of all you will need to connect the filter line that is DSL filter line between your phone and your line. Simple connect one end to phone you are using and connect another end with the VDSL port of Netgear DM200.

changing the default

Provide the power supply to Netgear DM200 using the power code.

routerlogin,net login

Ones you provide the power supply to Netgear DM200 you will find that LED lights will start glowing in amber color. netgear

Using an Ethernet cable, connect the computer system you are using with the LAN port of Netgear DM200. netgear www routerlogin net

Open the default web browser you are using.

Fill the login address http://www. Routerloginnet and press enter key.

Fill the accurate login details for successful login details.

Here you will need to choose the country in which you are living and then chose your service provider.

router netgear

Click on “Yes” option and then click in the “Next” option.

www routerlogin net

Here you will need to wait for few seconds.

router login

Fill the required details and press the “Next” option.

Wait for some time till the process completes.

These are the simple steps for Configuring the Netgear DM200 for Internet access in Router mode. We are available for 24/7 regarding any kind of help you need for your Netgear devices.

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